Maintain the Synthetic Rattan Furniture

There are many people that prefer to pick up synthetic rattan furniture than the natural one. The common reasons are affordable prices and easy maintenance. There is nothing wrong with this. Although the natural rattan furniture is a great choice to support the Go Green campaign, it is still fine to take the alternative choice made from plastic. You can even buy both of them to fulfill the needs of the high class furnishing style of your house. It is hard to define which one is the best, because it depends on several aspects including budget and time that you have.

Maintain the Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Maintain the Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Selecting the furniture is not only done by considering the materials. You should consider the size, design and style too. Just like other furniture, synthetic rattan also offers a wide selection of furnishing items for both indoor and outdoor. When you buy some, make sure you think more about the purpose of use. If you put it indoor, the maintenance will be easier because the furniture is protected. You probably just need to clean it from dust and stains. You can simply wipe it with a clean and wet cloth. For outdoor furnishing purposes, you can take time to protect the furniture surface with special coating substances. It is aimed to protect the surface from high exposure of weather change, especially the harsh sunlight that will make the color easy to fade. It is necessary to ask to the supplier whether the synthetic rattan furniture has been applied with a particular color and surface coating or not. If they have done it before, you can save your time and directly put the furniture at the place you want.

The easiness in maintenance is just one of the benefits offered by synthetic rattan furniture. Its frame is also lightweight. The variety of designs availability offers you chance to put it anywhere it looks great at. It is no wonder then if synthetic rattan furniture gains its popularity although it does not replace the dominance of the natural one.

Choosing Synthetic Materials for Your Furniture: is it a bad decision?

Some people still made some mistake; they often put wicker furniture as the one that is similar with rattan furniture. However, we can see that both of them are essentially different each other. Rattan furniture is typically made of rattan, which is for sure, while wicker rattan could be made of non-rattan material. In addition, the next difference would be that of technique. Wicker furniture refers to special technique applies when crafter want to make furniture by weaving around specific materials. In general, crafters who intends to make furniture usually uses several kinds of material like synthetic material, rushes, bamboo, and rattan.


Nevertheless, the market has shown that synthetic materials and rattan are two materials that often used by crafters. Paying attention to such fact, it is no wonder that some misconception still appears though we can spot some differences when we are seeing both. The question arises: which material that’s considered as the best one. The answer depends on other aspects. We knew that rattan becomes the better for its availability, durability, and flexibility. Moreover, you can meet with various arrays of colors when you intend to buy rattan furniture. To tell you the truth, synthetic materials cannot give the same satisfaction as rattan furniture does, though they may provide the best sight as when you place synthetic-wicker furniture outside.

So when you go to the market, be sure to check on your wish and desire first. If you want to put bright atmosphere in any room you has, then rattan furniture should be the best option to consider. The case would be different if you want to put some ornament on the side of your pool. If that was the case, then you can choose to buy wicker furniture that made of non-rattan materials. However, it does not mean that you cannot place rattan furniture in outside, but if you want to maintain the beauty of its color, then we suggest you to buy wicker furniture.

Choosing rattan for Your Garden Furniture

Furniture is one of the most compulsory needs for human. Why? It is because by having furniture, they can organize the function of the room properly and perfectly. One of the most common furniture which is got by the people to enhance the other parts of their home is by choosing beautiful garden furniture. As we all know, garden furniture, such as dining set, table, and also chair can be the greatest choice for you to enhance the use of garden itself.  There is a lot of choice of furniture, however, rattan is considered as one of the most famous choice.

Jakarta Set

There are some good points which are able to be transmitted in your environment when you are now using the rattan furniture as the choice. The very first reason is about the chic appearance which is able to make surroundings look more comfortable. In addition to that, the furniture which is made from rattan has a high durability. As we all know, the garden is commonly having a great exposure on sunlight in the summer and rain in the rainy wither. Therefore, a high quality wood is needed to get the strength. In addition to that, good finishing process, which is called as coating will help you to stay away from the broken risk.

Other advantages about buying rattan furniture for your garden are about the price. You have to know that the price which is offered to you is quite low instead of buying solid wood.  In addition to that, the design of rattan furniture can be creative and more attractive to be put outside. Supported by the bright painting, you rattan furniture for your garden will look classy and unique. The last but not least, you have to know that it is easily moved rather than the solid wood since it has a lightweight.

Rattan versus Sythentic Material

Do not be mistaken. Wicker furniture is not always rattan furniture. Wicker furniture can be made from rattan since rattan refers to a specific material that is taken from a tree plant. Wicker on the other hand is more to the technique of weaving around the material used in forming the kind of tools such as the furniture that people use today. Rattan, bamboo, rushes and synthetic material are the main materials that are made into something called wicker furniture. When it comes to comparing between those materials, then most people will linger on rattan and synthetic material because these two materials are the most common things to find.

Christie Round Stool

Which material is going to be the best depends on the aspects that the people consider. Rattan is the best for its flexibility, durability, availability and various array of natural color. A synthetic material cannot really give the same result, hence it is a man made thing. But on the other hand, if people see it from its good looking in outdoor area, then the synthetic material can be considered as the best one. However, it does not mean that rattan will not stay strong if they are put in the outdoor area, it’s just the fact that the natural color will slowly fade. A synthetic material on the other hand does not show the same issue so it is perfect as the outdoor furniture and it also serves well for indoor furniture.

As people can see, the winner will be different if people see it from a different point of view. It is now back to their personal likeness on which one to choose and if they like them both, there are many wicker furniture out there using the combination of both materials. Even, the result of the combination is something that looks more regal and exquisite.

Strategy To Enhance Convetitiveness Rattan Furniture Products

Rattan furniture industry become one of the leading sector in Indonesia where the biggest rattan processing center placed in Cirebon,West Java. However, there are some constraints in rattan furniture industry in Cirebon which include the increasing of competition among global manufacturers and the government policy that allowed rattan export lead to profits in the competing countries.Therefore, we need a strategy to enhance the competitiveness of rattan products in world markets.

This strategy can be obtained by analyzing the value chain. The purposes of this study are to analyze the value chain of rattan furniture products and get the appropriate competitive strategy to be implemented by each actor within value chain. The method is carried out financial analysis, SWOT analysis, Diamond Competitiveness analysis, and analysis of Critical Success Factor (CSF). Object of research are companies which are members of the Association of Indonesian Furniture (ASMINDO) Cirebon that produced single chair rattan. From the results of data processing and analysis, the strategies that can be applied in suppliers are to establish a subsidiary in the available raw materials and merged with the company.

The strategies that can be applied in the company are applying its labor costs per unit of product produced, the allocation of funds for promotion, buyers prioritize subscriptions, sharing information and innovation with the buyer, has a high flexibility in terms of quality and price, collaborate with associations and government in exhibitions, and merged with another company or with suppliers. While strategies that can be applied in buyer in this case wholeseller are to lower the price of the product, maximize promotion and maintaining good relationships with companies that already trusted.

About Rattan Furniture

Rattan is one of the non-timber forest products are produced by many of Indonesia. Not only that, there are at least five areas in the country which is known as a regional producer of rattan belonging to quite a lot of the island of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua.

And as the nation’s largest cane producer in the world, do not be surprised if Indonesia relies heavily on a cane as a source of foreign exchange. It is no exaggeration because in terms of its activities over the years, rattan proved capable and managed to become one of the largest foreign exchange earner for the country.

Well, how come? Sure you can, but because of the commercial value of the rattan itself fairly high in the market, success in being one of the largest foreign exchange earner for the country is also heavily influenced by the high global demand for rattan. That request came from industrialized countries and small-scale rattan large scale such as China and the Philippines.

Is no industry in Indonesia rattan?

Of course there is, even if the computed all, from a home industry to large scale industrial number would probably very much. But of the many rattan industry in Indonesia, there are at least two areas known as local rattan industry the biggest in Indonesia, namely in Cirebon (West Java) and Gresik (East Java).

Used for rattan is it?

In general, wicker rattan is widely used by the industry to make various kinds of rattan furniture products such as chairs, partition space (sketsel), bookshelves and more. In addition, rattan is also widely used by crafters (home industry actors) to make various kinds of crafts, such as baskets, spot lights, floor mats, sunshade and others.

Development of Rattan Industry

Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of rattan. An estimated 85% of rattan raw materials around the world produced by Indonesia, the rest is generated by other countries such as Philippines, Vietnam and other Asian countries.

Rattan is a natural raw materials from environmentally friendly, as rattan living in trees. If the cane grows well meaning forest management.

Because it is processed rattan products including environmentally friendly products (green products).

Indonesia rattan furniture production has long been known in the world. This is evident with the use of wicker furniture in the Potsdam conference after World War II in 1945 by the world leader Joseph Stalin as Secretary General of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, U.S. President Harry S. Truman and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Rattan Furniture

Finished rattan industry in the country began to grow and develop by leaps and bounds since performed ban exports of raw rattan in 1986 (export value of 19 million USD). Exports of finished goods Indonesian rattan products never reach a value of 370 million USD in 1995.

From 1995 to 2011 exports finished rattan products experienced a downward trend, but since the enactment of policies ban exports of raw rattan, rattan exports up in July 2012 showed a significant increase compared to 2011. This positive trend is expected to continue.

Beautiful Garden Furniture For The Nature Lover

Sitting outside in the garden and having breakfast is always idealistic. It allows a person to enjoy the morning sun, breath in the fresh air and enjoy nature before the rush hour begins. To do this, it is very essential to have the right kind of garden furniture. The garden is already a beautiful place. But, the furniture adds character to it and increases its charm. There are so many varieties of garden furniture available these days. Some of the popular varieties are:

* Rattan – Rattan garden furniture is quite popular and gives the garden quite a chic appearance. These types are very durable and last longer despite the exposure to the elements. Hence, they are ideal for the outdoor setting. Rattan furniture is generally made from dried palm stems and is made famous by Indonesia.

* Wooden – Many people prefer to use wooden garden furniture. The wood generally varies from teak to hardwood. Wooden furniture needs to be treated well to stand against the elements. However, they add a lot of character to the patio or garden.

* Metal – Another material often used for patio furniture is metal. Cast iron tables and chairs never go out of vogue. They can be molded into different shapes and a huge choice is available. They last longer than wooden furniture and all they require is a yearly coat of paint to keep them looking new.

* Plastic – Though going quite out of vogue these days, mainly due to their environmental impacts, many people like to use plastic tables and chairs as outdoor furniture, as they are the most resistant to the elements and show the least wear and tear. They are also comparatively cheaper than the other models. However, they do not add any sort of character to the garden and can be used merely to satisfy the purpose of spending time there. There are many garden furniture outlets around and many of them have online stores. The customers can logon to the online stores and select from their huge collection of garden furniture sets or individual pieces.

Garden furniture can be bought either as sets of tables and chairs or swings, recliners, benches, hammocks and even sofas. Depending on the size of the garden and its richness, the furniture can be purchased. If the garden is indoors, more fabric can be used. However, for the outdoors, it is better to stick to the outdoor garden furniture that is more resistant to the rain, snow, wind and sun. It is very important to have good and comfortable conservatory furniture to enjoy the time one spends in the garden. If the garden is huge then benches can be added at intervals and a table and chair set can be added on the patio. If the garden is small, a mere hammock will do. It will still enable a person to enjoy the fresh air and maybe read a book or take a nap. It is very important that the character of the garden and the person using it be considered while choosing the character of the garden furniture.

Seven Rattan Furniture Pieces For Setting And Occasion

Not every piece of furniture that you buy will serve the same purpose. While all items should have a comfortable fit, be affordable priced, and stand the test of time, rattan furniture offers you a few more features. After all, rattan furniture is easy to take care of, and it offers a stylish look that is never out of season.

Of all Indonesia furniture, rattan delivers the most benefits for the least expectations from you the consumer. But it also fits many different uses and occasions beyond usual household display and relaxation.

Here are seven pieces of rattan furniture from Indonesia, and seven settings that you may not have otherwise thought about:

Vancouver Rocking

The Vancouver Rocking chair is a rattan furniture piece with honey glazing and a wide seating area crafted from the finest wicker. It is a great choice for reading a book or rocking a child to sleep, and would look as good in a sunroom as a nursery.

Valentino Chair and Footstool

The Valentino Chair and Footstool is a striking color combination of white cushion, dark wicker, and a heavy cane base. It is a rattan furniture piece that looks perfect in a sitting room or living area, and is great for morning coffee or browsing the newspaper.

Moon Chair

The moon chair is wicker of a deep rich grain with a half-moon seating area, and a sturdy mahogany support base. This rattan furniture piece is suited just as much to the dining room as it would be an office or library.

Mercury Barstool

With a dazzling color and texture that sits high aloft four mahogany legs you can break out the Mercury Barstool in your own bar or dining room area, and impress your guests even as you offer them one of the most comfortable seats in the house. Crack open a beer and savor each taste with your friends as you enjoy one another’s company.

Lazy Chair

The Lazy Chair is a rattan furniture piece crafted from the finest water hyacinth materials and a well-dispersed coverage of rattan wood for a sturdy supporting frame. With a slanted back and full leg piece, you can kick back at the pool or nap in the sunroom with this great piece of Indonesia furniture.

Belarus Rocking Chair

Crafted from banana leaf material and possessing of a beautiful honey glaze, the Belarus Rocking Chair is right at home in front of the television or kicking back after a hard day’s work. Try it out in a living room or den.

Alabama Swivel Chair

The Alabama Swivel Chair is one of the most unique sitting experiences you will ever have with rattan furniture. Made entirely of rattan pole and an elegant honey glazing, this chair will surprise you with its equal parts comfort and style.

The choices of Indonesia furniture available are nearly countless, and will no doubt enhance the look and feel of your home to a degree you never thought possible. Just give one of these great rattan furniture pieces a turn, and you will never regret it.

Rattan Furniture Can Complete Exterior Design In The Garden

What do you think if you see a nice set of furniture in a gazebo near a garden at home? You will probably come into the gazebo, sit on a chair or a sofa there, and enjoy the scene around it with a cup of tea. Surely, garden at home is a simple place to make people relax after being rushed and busy with many activities. During the leisure time in the garden, people will feel comfortable talking to each other wherever some furniture with exterior design completed the garden.

The Functions of Garden at Home

Since there is less spaces in town, it is seldom to find a new house with a large area for its garden. Unless some of the old ones, the new houses will be designed with minimized area. Consequently, the exterior designs for gardens in small houses will be minimized without loosing the styles. Furniture can become important in this case.

Actually, garden can give fresh air to the people. The green color of garden view is good for people’s eyes. People can also plant some flowers to make the garden colorful. Furthermore, many kinds of plantations which are useful for people’s lives can become parts of the garden too. Either big or small size, a house should have a garden.

Rattan Furniture Should Be Considered

People have the rights to decide whatever they want to use for their homes as long as they don’t suffer other people. There are many styles, model, and designs for furniture. People usually choose something based on the facts. The same case with furniture, people will use the one which is already well-known as good furniture during the years.

Some old houses can be seen using rattan furniture. People can count how longer the rattan furniture still have good condition since it is first used. Moreover, rattan is a kind of raw material which can meet the changes of weather. Therefore, rattan furniture can become the part of exterior designs put in the garden outside the house.

Rattan furniture can be designed according to the availability of space. If the space is small, rattan can be shaped to make furniture with small size but it still has good quality, model, and comfort in use.